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Household Support Fund Self Referral Form Summer 2023

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This form is to refer people into our Household Support Fund.  Households with key meters or smart meters that are pay as you go or people who top up on an app as prepayment may be eligible.  Our partnerships agencies may refer clients in via email or the usual referral routes or can use this form.  The fund will close when the money runs out.

This form will take about ten minutes to complete - but there will be an email after this with evidence that you will need to submit in order for us to issue vouchers.

By continuing, you understand the following.  We have to record a few details about your to make sure that we are treating you according to our quality service standard and as required by data protection laws.  You will be emailed to provide evidence of your address and a photo of your credit/debit balances.

We need to store basic information about you and your query on our secure database and we may need to ask for further information before issuing vouchers.  We will share some of our data to issue your codes on the Charis Grant website and to do some statistical analysis of our work.  You retain full rights over your personal data, you can view our privacy policy on our website 

ONLY ONE PERSON PER HOUSEHOLD can apply for these codes.  The support fund is popular and is not an emergency fund so you may wait several weeks before they will be issued.   Should you need help sooner, please contact your supplier or contact us to see if there is anything else we can do to help you. 

Vouchers will be issued on a first come first serve basis.

Please call us to get more information.

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